A panoramic photo of a treatment room at Northwest Face & Body.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide the absolute highest quality of care and wellness treatments available anywhere in the world. We are committed to remaining the leaders in innovative, effective therapy that emphasizes rapid recovery and extremely natural and effective results. We maintain excellent cost control so as to allow broad access to our services.

About Core Zone Integrated Medical & Wellness

An artistic, collaborative approach creates the finest outcomes. Everything starts with the extraordinary skill and artistic eye of our experienced, board-certified doctors and licensed practitioners working in tandem, collaborating, sharing their knowledge and experience. We believe that is why our patients say they feel like a member of the family and trust the advice of their practitioners.

Our center was established in 2022 in Matawan, NJ and currently consists of one physicians, a nurse practitioner, and other employees, and more to come.

Information First

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet and in the media. Our providers believe that patients benefit most when they have complete information – pros and cons – so they can make a decision based on their goals, needs and budget.